Have you visited the Trail’s End Bicycle Museum yet? I know, ‘Museum’, that sounds boring, well, I hope a few of these reviews might change your mind.

Since opening our second Gallery, dedicated to Celebrating Bikes in Africa, we have had nothing but rave reviews from all corners of the Earth. We have had visits from the likes of Nik Rabinowitz, famed South African comedian, to Loana Lecomte and Titouan Carod, both French riders currently ranked in the top 5 XCO riders in the world. We have had visitors from as far afield as New Zealand, USA, Canada and across Europe and England, all of them agree that we have the “Kiffest collection around”, that they were “Blown away!” by the “Absolutely exquisite display and a wealth of information”.

A few more entries in our visitor’s book commend the collection and the history we have done our bit to immortalise: “Such an important collection”, “Wow! Kudos! Passion! Celebration!”, “Historic piece of storytelling”, “A really exciting experience and history lesson”, “Incredible journey and history tour – amazingly well documented and inspiring space”, “Long live the struggle against forgetting”, “Great to see Greg Minnaar’s bike” and “Fantastic. The tribute to Burry (Stander) is the best”.

We hope to see you at our Museum soon, where we are sure we can convince you that history doesn’t have to be boring!